​​​Hello! You have found an inviting and energetic counseling practice located within walking distance of Clemson University. You can expect practical guidance backed by science, easy scheduling, and an overall enjoyable process. Making the decision to begin counseling can be intimidating, but don't worry; with our counselors, you will walk away saying therapy is fun!​

Please know that all are welcome at our practice. We are thrilled you are here and can't wait to speak with you!​

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The information contained in this site is for the sole purpose of being informative and is not to be considered complete, and does not cover all issues related to mental health. This information should not replace consultation with your doctor or other qualified mental health provider. The use of this site does not establish a therapist-client relationship. If you believe you or another individual is experiencing a mental health crisis or other emergency, seek attention immediately at an ER or call 911.

​​​In the midst of our jam packed schedules and endless to-do lists, we can find ourselves flying on “auto pilot.” We are intelligent people so we prioritize, compartmentalize, try to think positively, and accomplish what needs to be done. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it can feel like our wheels are spinning so fast we don't even recognize where we are heading, much less the reflection in the mirror. 

Our hope is that when you walk into our office, you will find a cozy spot on the couch and feel yourself start to relax and feel at ease. It is our job not only to understand what makes you unique, but then to capitalize on your precious gifts and strengths. We pride ourselves on helping our clients connect to their own compentence and confidence as they navigate life’s many twists and turns. 

There is a vibrant life that is yours for the taking (and creating.) It's time to get in the driver's seat of your life and put yourself back on the priority list. Today is the day to simply BEGIN. 

Let's Do This. 

We work well with people who find themselves thinking WAY too much, often have very high personal standards and expectations, and are often afraid of not being “enough.” If you are finding it increasingly more difficult to relax, cannot seem to quiet the judgmental and unhelpful thoughts running through your mind, let's work together. Let's get you past barriers that have kept you feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed so you can move forward with ease, purpose and clarity!

We look forward to connecting with you.

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